Unfortuante wheels, or riders of the purple shame, or “where does he get those wonderful toys?”

As you may have heard, we recently had ourselves a blizzard or two here in Denver. Being a member of a social class without access to off-street parking, my Tan Destiny Cavalier was anonymously blessed with an array of scrapes and dents along its driver’s side, the worst of which was a deformity in my fender so severe that the door wouldn’t open. You should have seen me for that couple of weeks when I had to crawl in and out through the passenger side. Bunch of savages in this town…

Anyhoots, this morning, I took the battered and dear ol’ Tan Destiny to my insurance company’s claims center out in waaaay north Denver. The Azulita fixie was loaded into the back so that I could just leave the car to be repaired and take a nice, long urban bike ride back to work. The morning had me a bit spooked, though. This was one of those unfamiliar, non-gridlike industrial sections of Denver and my lack of planning meant I’d have to improvise a route to work. I was already late and it was upwards of 8 degrees Farenheit outside. And what’s more: I was told I’d have to go without my car at least through the weekend. It wasn’t long before I decided to scrap the morning’s bike ride and ask for the rental car. What they gave me for the rental would shock us all: a lavender Chrysler PT Cruiser.

I made Claudia have lunch with me just so she could see it. Her impression: “It looks like a car that belongs to the Joker, or his minions.”

Why yes, Claudia, it IS perfect. I’m going to try having as much fun as is humanly possible with the lavender PT Cruiser. This will certainly up my carbon footprint over the next several days, but how often do you get to have your sense of decency and good taste challenged by the simple act of driving around in public?

Also today: Devoted one moment too many to dwelling. Kind of sour about the females, except for my lunch partner. Now there’s a feeling I’d never expected to have about an ex: unconditional positive regard.



~ by TGV on February 1, 2007.

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