Il Signor Cone, il bastardo

My a-hole friend Keith is giving me a hard time about never mentioning him in this blog. If only I’d thought to snap a picture of his bastard face last night.

We were at a great rock show. It turns out I missed a major highlight in arriving too late for the Bailer set. So instead, they blessed me with conversation in lieu of ungodly rocking.


Eh, that’s Dave and Trevor, not me and Trevor. Get your Asians straight.

Lots of great people were out. Somehow, I was still feeling a bit disconnected from the world, especially the world of cute girls. Maybe that’s the problem…it was an abundance of cute girls and hardly a woman to be seen. One conversation with an attractive philsopher who seemed to have her own agenda for the evening, but that’s it. Hopefully this all doesn’t sound too shallow. The thought process (and there is one, btw) of a single man can be horribly frustrating to sort through. It has so much more to do with identity than most would imagine. Or perhaps I’m just thinking about it too much.

In the interest of sucking it up…

Need to hit stuff hard today. I met with my thesis advisor and we’ve schemed a really good approach to this TBI project, and it may result in two publications instead of just one. Related to this is the job post forwarded to me by my collaborator at the rehab hospital, a stats anaylst position for their TBI projects. Also related to this is my trying to keep up with the timeline for the state health department project. Also, there’s this matter of the contract work I was doing for the grantmaking foundation. Preliminary work is done, but I have no idea of it’s further scope. I’m feeling like I’ve dropped the ball on that one. All of these different things that have been brewing with school and work are reaching critical points, all at the same time. Eff.



~ by TGV on February 3, 2007.

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