A neverending story

Okay, so it’s more of an “electric blue.”


What you don’t see is the spare that’s now on the passenger front. That’s right, not even 24 hours into my possession of the rental car I get a pothole flat. Something is trying to tell me that I don’t belong in an automobile.

Two wheels good. Four wheels bad.


So, 2007’s Dream Super Bowl ended in a loss for my Bears, but a much deserved win for my number 2 team (re: Dream Super Bowl). Peyton isn’t kidding about that laser-rocket arm. Keee-RIST. I had Chris and Jenn over for the game. We abused ourselved with an enormous Chicago stuffed (I’ve found Chicago-style pizza here).

Oh, and I had likely the most incredible night in recent memory on Saturday.

Vibe. Everywhere. Tiny conversations lasted the entire night. Soft skin ran along a neverending torso. Unreal.

Completely unreal.



~ by TGV on February 5, 2007.

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