Nope, not much going on here at all…

…oh, wait. There was this:

  • Interviewed for a full time stats analyst position at the rehab hospital where I’m doing my thesis.
  • Have the current bosses fighting to keep me, assuming I’m offered this new position. Hearts to them.
  • Had my bank account emptied due to costly auto body repair deductible and long-term car rental.
  • Secured a couple of bail-out measures.
  • After trading in the bruised, electric blue PT Cruiser (re: the rental), got to drive around a few days in this Sebring:

  • Having been reunited with my now perfectly smooth automobile, promptly got back on my bike to take advantage of the warmth and sun.
  • Found an old touring bike on Craigslist and tested my roommate’s tolerance by bringing it home:

  • Was astonished at how quickly I was able to convert it to a singlespeed (i.e., lots of spare parts lying around).
  • Was alarmed at how much more I could potentially do to it (re: acquiring new parts).
  • Started noticing a sensitive spot in my molar.
  • Lamented my horrendous lack of adherence to any reasonable dental visit interval.
  • Met and started hanging out with Kz (my 11-year-old mentoring partner who loves basketball and zoology, and who is somewhat of a poet).
  • Picked up the ol’ solidbody electric in preparation for a likely reunion of the Jagged Trio in May. Believe it.
  • Garnered the attention of a foxy classmate.
  • Engaged in email contact with two very significant exes. What I expect out of it: absolutely nothing (I hope).
  • Began to take m’head oit m’arse.

So much work to do. Literally, no fewer than eight different directions. Also, I’m seriously considering a voluntary 60-hour workweek once school is done. It has to do with this notion of being young and hungry…and debt-ridden. Somebody talk me out of this.



~ by TGV on February 20, 2007.

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