Lost, gained and “Magical Denver is back, perhaps”

I am somewhat heartbroken to announce that I’ve lost track of my camera. It was a Christmas present from my folks a couple of years back, and was more or less responsible for fueling the handful of internet personae I maintain.

So, I resigned myself today to buying a new camera. And by “new,” I mean “much better.” Still a super-compact point-and-shoot, but hotter than most in its class. This new purchase, made today by in-person mail order at the local big-box electronics store, now holds in its fate a modest chunk of my credit rating. But I know for sure this is something that I will use.

As such, I have no photos to post of last weekend’s Jagged Trio reunion show. And in the absence of recovering my trusty sidearm (re: lost Nikon), I release to you this, which has been sitting in draft:

“Moments after arriving in Denver Thursday evening, Jeff and Liz were forced by me to attend the Blue A’s show at Bar Bar, one of this town’s finest dives. Our set was way too loud and way too long. Thankfully, the dear men of Peña demonstrated supreme patience and blessed us with some amazing instro hotness anyway. Hearts to Claudia and Melissa for showing up, and hearts to the new pedal I bought that day: an ultra-boutique clean boost known as the Katana. It’s maiden voyage that night was in my bass rig and holy hell, it was effective. I felt like a new musician.

“The evening generated lots of excitement among the three of us (re: a reunited Jeff, Mike and me) for the next day’s practice and show. The clean boost pedal did even more in it’s intended role as a guitar effect, and as such I was feeling very confident on 6 wires in rehearsal. Jeff had to do a substantial amount of tweaking with my bass rig to come up with a serviceable tone. I feel like a caveman when it comes to maintaining and operating that rig, but it all worked out and we paused gently that afternoon for an idyllic cookout in Mike and Gwen’s backyard. Our performance itself, later that night, was perfect in its many tiny flaws. Hanging a solidbody guitar from my shoulders, standing in front of a small crowd of friends in whose eyes I can seemingly do no wrong – it felt like home again. And every member of every band was a wizard that night; it was magic.”

Why yes, Me-of-one-week-ago, it was magic.

Oh yeah, I turned 33 last week.




~ by TGV on July 15, 2007.

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