Maybe I’ll try

Solitary weekend, save the dinner party at Ashley’s, and the short and sweet hangout with Alison. I even went to a movie by myself: the latest (final?) cut of Blade Runner. It was great, but the midnight showing had me nodding off at some points. I am such an old man.

Big work on data analysis for the ol’ thesis today. Also a tour of some attractive yet underwhelming homes for sale, and a visit to the record store:

  • Pinback s/t
  • Bruce Springsteen ‘Greetings from Astbury Park, NJ’
  • Built to Spill “Don’t Try/The Source” 7″

…all of which I acquired for less than $20. Sadly, I could not find any Swans recordings, let alone the one suggested by Jazie that I was specifically looking for.

Not much time on the bike these days. I’m starting to feel plump and soft again. Blech.

At any rate: hello.

That, and Harrison Ford owns.



~ by TGV on April 20, 2008.

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