I know Woody Allen is a creep and all…

…but Annie Hall just tickles the shite outta me, every time I see it.

Yesterday there occurred a pivotal thesis meeting. There was some renewed momentum, and a new committee member who can actually mentor and guide. Hot.

Also, I registered for two prominent charity rides this summer: the MS150 and the Courage Classic, each as a team rider. I think my MS150 team even gets jerseys. Also hot. I even enlisted a pal to ride and camp with me for the Courage Classic, which will make a huge difference. Last year, it was me wandering around Copper Mtn resort by myself for three days, with no real agenda and only a couple of incidental conversations.

Been riding to and from work on the road bike (aka ‘Love Commander’). Either that or throwing the fixie (aka ‘Azulita*’) into the back of the automobile (aka ‘Tan Destiny’) and just taking a quiet lunchtime ride around Centennial Airport. It was a cruel and slovenly winter, and this gut – however adorable – ain’t gonna get rid of itself. And anyways, I’ve got training to do.

A good couple of days.


*Full name: ‘Tessa la Angelita Azulita de las Calles Peligrosas’


~ by TGV on April 22, 2008.

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