The Army of Summer

Something happened to me while driving home from work on Friday. With a Soundtrack for Leaving Colorado in mind, and the sweet bombast of Rufus Wainwright’s “Beautiful Child” on car stereo repeat, I decided that before long, I’d have to make some noise of my own; I decided that if I really am to leave Denver, then I need to leave behind something brand new. I decided that – as thanks to this fine city, which has treated me well in sum – I would form a summer band and give one or two final performances of elegant rock music.

It would need to be simple but highly nuanced, something big but light on its feet. It would have to reek of musicianship. It’s only Sunday, and I’ve already managed to recruit over half of the people I’d hand-picked to help me with this project. So begins the Army of Summer: eight people, seven songs, and two shows by the end of August.

Whether or not this is all just exquisite smack-talking remains to be seen.



~ by TGV on June 8, 2008.

One Response to “The Army of Summer”

  1. Sounds genius, let me know if you’re short a guitar, bass, saxophone, aux percussion player.

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